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Sunabe Seawall Diving

Sunabe Seawall diving

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Sunabe Seawall diving and snorkeling

Sunabe Seawall diving in Okinawa is one of our favourite spots for shore diving and snorkeling. It is located in Chatan area, next of American Village, making it easily accessible by car, as you can park right at the waterfront, or even by public transport. Along the coastline there are many nice restaurants with beautiful sea views and English -speaking staff, ranging from simple sandwiches to waffles and grilled lobster. There are many people, who are visiting this area just for a stroll on the beach at sunset or to grab some tasty lunch. If you’re coming to scuba dive in Okinawa then you’ve found the most memorable place there is! The Seawall with it’s underwater mailbox and Gorilla Chop with its memorable views are two of the most remarkable underwater experiences in Okinawa.

Macro pictures at Sunabe
Sunabe Seawall diving

Diving and snorkeling

Diving or snorkeling at Sunabe Seawall has many advantages over other dive sites in Okinawa. One being an actual underwater post box, which always puts a smile on everyone’s face. How often can you go diving and send a postcard to your friends and family from underwater? Luckily for everyone, the bost box is at a depth of around 7m, making it easily accessible even for first time Discover Scuba divers.

Another great feature...

Another great feature of the Seawal is the endless soft corals field, roughly the size of 5 football field! This massive living ecosystem takes hours and hours to explore and with all the little critters, octopuses, sea snakes and shrimps, no two days are the same here, providing plenty to see during your dives. For underwater photographers, especially during night dives, it’s like diving in heaven.

Giving its location, all entries are from the shore and the maximum depth is around 20m with average of 5m, making it perfect for beginner divers and for Open Water Diver course as well.

What can you see when diving at Sunabe?

Diving at the Sunabe seawall is easy because you enter the water from the shore. You will be able to see a remarkable array of soft corals here. Soft corals (Alcyonacea) are also known as sea fans and sea whips, and they often resemble plants or trees with their soft and bendable shapes. Most of them are non-reef-building because they have more wood-like and fleshy skeletons instead of the hard skeletons of true corals.

Water Temperatures at the Sunabe Seawall

Water temperatures in Okinawa are very moderate and even quite warm year-round. Temperatures often hover around 83F/28C in the summer time. Diving here at the sea-wall is usually a pretty comfortable experience due to the warm se temperatures in the shallow waters. Many divers can dive in thin suits especially in the summer time. Divers who get cold easily may want to opt for a 5mm suit,  as it’s more suitablein the winter time when water temperatures are on the colder side, reaching a lower around 68F/20C.

Scuba diving at Sunabe Seawall in Okinawa
Night diving at Sunabe Seawall in Okinawa

Have you tried night diving before?

Night diving at Sunabe Seawall is an exhilarating experience! Once the sun sets beyond the horizon, all the little and big creatures emerge from their hiding places.

We offer night dives as part of your Padi Advanced Diver Course for a small extra fee and also for fun seeking certified divers as well.

The video you see here was made at Sunabe during a night dive as we were enjoying the company of this beautiful Juvenile Batfish.

The most affordable price

let's start your journey!

Location: Sunnabe Seawall Chatan

Prerequisites:  OWD

Number of dives: 1-4

Price: 10.000-20.000 JPY

Rental camera available on request and you can keep the memory card 😀

Divemaster course
english speaking diving course in okinawa

The most favorite places


We are open with our schedule plan to Sunabe Seawall diving and will try to adjust it to your holiday plans and tide times. If conditions permit, we can go diving anytime during the day, just let us know, what time would be perfect for you and after the dives, we can also recommend some of the finest restaurants for a meal. Like your own personal island guide.

What to bring

Do you have sea sickness? Then an over the counter medication from the local drugstore called Drugstore Mori is highly recommended. No one wants to feed the fish on their dive in the ocean.

Other than that, your average beach going toolkit will be perfect. Water, towel, sun cream and swimwear.

Price: 10.000-20.000 jpy

Number of dives: 1-4

Entry: shore

Prerequisite: OWD

Duration: 4 hours

Gopro rental is available on request