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USS Emmons diving

USS Emmons diving

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USS Emmons diving

The USS Emmons….. big, bald and gracious. This 106m long  WW2 destroyer was sunken by Japanese Kamikaze planes on the 7th of April 1945 and it’s still sitting on the bottom of the ocean as a queen, her cannons are pointing to the sky and the unused torpedoes are waiting on the deck till the end of the time. 

During her final hours, the USS Emmons fought endlessly with the never ending kamikaze attacks against her and another minesweeping destroyer the Rodman, but after 5 direct hits from these attacks, the crew had no other option but to sink the ship.

The Dive

USS Emmons diving is a very rewarding wreck diving experience, but we can’t emphasis enough , how hard this dive can be, as the majority of the wreck is sitting around 40m deep ocean and often the subject of strong currents. Due to these factors, we only offer this dive spot for those divers, who have at least Advanced Diver certification and a minimum of 30 dives under their belts, with plenty of drift and deep diving experience.

Kouri Island on the way to USS Emmons
USS Emmons diving

Helpful tips

There are 3 permanent anchor lines attached to ship, helping divers during the descend/ascend as a reference and providing a stable grip in case strong currents.

As we will be spending a significant amount of time at around 35-40m on a single tank, it is important to know and constantly monitor your air consumption and understand your dive computer’s instructions regarding the  NDL-No Decompression Limit and what to do in case you end up with a few minutes extra decompression stop. Of course, at every possible time, we would like to avoid deco stops and always asking our customers to follow the rules, to avoid accidents.


Your Safety is our priority and those who can not follow instructions, will be immediately banned from the second dive

The most affordable price

let's start your journey!

Location: Kouri Island

Prerequisites:  Minimum AOWD with at least 30 dives and ample experience in deep and drift diving

Number of dives: 2

Price: 20.000 JPY  

With Nitrox: 26,000JPY

Rental camera available on request and you can keep the memory card 😀

Deep dive speciality

The most favorite places


For those who are arriving by car, the meeting time is at 08:00 close to Kouri Island, which is a beautiful, but long drive to North of Okinawa towards Cape Hedo, so please plan accordingly. Driving in Okinawa can be slow due to the speed regulations and heavy traffic.

Usually we do 2 dives from a boat, with 2 hours surface interval on the shore, where you can enjoy some of the fine foods from the local Okinawa market or just relax in the sun before we head back for our second dive.

What to bring

Do you have sea sickness? Then an over the counter medication from the local drugstore called Drugstore Mori is highly recommended. No one wants to feed the fish on their dive in the ocean.

Other than that, your average beach going toolkit will be perfect. Water, towel, sun cream and swimwear.

Price: 20.000jpy

With Nitrox: 26.000jpy

Number of dives: 2

Entry: boat

Prerequisite: minimum AOWD and 30 logged dives, with plenty of drift and deep experience

Duration: 6 hours

Gopro rental is available on request.