Let your mind go away and your body will follow

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath that turquoise-colored water?

Or how people can breathe underwater, looking at the brightly colored fish and corals, swimming next to whale sharks and through shipwrecks, and it all looks so easy and free?

Join us on our next trip and try diving for the first time in Okinawa!

Our experienced PADI instructors will make sure that you have an amazing time underwater. You can choose from many locations around the island, from a day trip to the Kerama Islands to two fantastic dives at the famous Blue Cave at Maeda Point in Onna. We offer flexible schedules, instructors with a passion for the ocean and a personalized diving experience, tailored just for you.

Finding the right place to dive as an experienced diver diving in Okinawa.

We have all been there. As we become more experienced divers, we just constantly searching for the next location for our diving holiday. And while the information is just at our fingertips, with websites like Tripadvisor or Skyscanner, there is just way too much information out there to read everything!

If you are searching for diving in Koh Tao or any other diving destinations, an entire life wouldn’t be enough to read everything.

So when our dive shop came to live, we had one simple goal for every experienced diver: KISS

Keep It Stupid Simple – and of course that’s also the name of the owner, who just happens to be blond.

You don’t need to know that at Mermaid’s Grotto, a popular shore diving site in Okinawa, you can see six different types of anemone fish, or that at the WW2 wreck USS EMMONS, you won’t see whale sharks. But you definitely need to know that at both dive sites, the currents can change suddenly and can become extremely strong.

Tell us about your experience level and what kind of dive are you looking for and we promise that we will find the most suitable dive site for you. You can also check out our Fun for certified divers section for inspiration!

Accommodation for Divers in Okinawa

Do you need a place to stay in Okinawa on your scuba vacation? We recommend the Ryukyu-An Holiday House in the heart of Yomitan, close to Zakimi Castle. This huge two story guest house set in a quiet street just off the main road and surrounded by papaya trees, bamboo forest and the relaxing sounds of the nature. A true retreat for anyone who is looking for a peaceful holiday accommodation in Okinawa, while meeting with fellow travelers from around the world. Many of our scuba diving guests will stay with the Ryukyu-An. Ryukyu-An Holiday House is a dormitory style accommodation with bunk beds and separate bathroom and sleeping quarters for male and female customers. The house has a huge living/kitchen area and a wood deck, where you can enjoy a bbq with a cold one at the end of your day. Perfect for those starry nights that can only be found in Yomitan and Okinawa. Both the female and male bathrooms are well equipped and clean with separate shower and toilet area, with all the amenities included from the towels to the hair conditioner. The Female bathroom also has a bathtub! Guests can enjoy free use of the bicycles and enjoy free laundry washing facilities. Ryota-san (your host) is a very friendly and attentive person (and an avid guitar player) and his breakfast is amazing! Yes, his guest house also includes breakfast in their package which is a lovely addition to their already impressive package that comes with your booking for only 2500JPY/night! Nevertheless, every Sunkissed Divers Okinawa customer will receive an additional 10% discount. For more information and booking please check out their website or call Ryota-san directly in English at: 090-7586-1237. Get a preview before you go by checking out Ryukyu-An Holiday House on Instagram.  
Okinawa Guest House