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Suba Diving at Manzamo Okinawa

Diving at Manza in Okinawa

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Manzamo diving

Cape Manza or the famous “elephant rock” is not just a picture worthy scenery in Okinawa, but also a famous area for many good dive sites.  Every year, many people are visiting Manza Beach for a relaxing day by the clear blue ocean. The beach is also a great snorkeling point in Okinawa, while the cliffs of Cape Manzamo are adding some unique and beautiful view to this amazing scenery. The dive sites around Manzamo are all located in Onna Village in Okinawa, along Route 58 towards Nago, close to the Ana Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort and the Hyatt Regency Okinawa hotel. It’s a beautiful place to spend a few hours on a sunny day in Okinawa, but when you go under the water, there is a drastic change in this idyllic picture. Cravesses and tunnels breaking towards the deep ocean and Oceanic White Tip Sharks patrolling the calm waters below the surface. A certified scuba diver’s dream.


Talking about dreams, one of the main and probably most popular dive sites at Manza is definitely The Dream Hole. Imagine a chimney, leading down from 5  to 23 meters inside the reef. Covered in coral and critters. That leads into a chamber at the depth of 25m underwater and it’s the size of an average living room! From here there are another 2, 5 meters long dark tunnels leading you towards the final chamber, where you can finally see the magical blue color of the exit at 27 meters, which just happened to be looking like Pikachu from Pokemon, a famous Japanese Anime series. Scuba diving here is a mind blowing and different experience. Definitely not a place for the faint hearted, but a rewarding experience for the brave. If you don’t believe it, check out this video : Scuba diving at Manza Dream Hole in Okinawa

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Of course the Dream Hole is not the only dive spot we would visit during our fun dives at Manzamo. There are many great dives sites located in this area, all within a short boat ride away. Another great dive site in Onna Village is the Toilet Bowl- or some might call it Horse Shoe- which name might not suggest something graceful, but believe us when we say, you can find everything that you are looking for underwater here. Car sized Oceanic White tip sharks are regular visitors here, so when looking for shark diving near you, it is a must do dive site. There are many different schools of fish hanging around these nutrition rich waters from Giant Trevally to juvenile Barracudas, Moray Eels hanging from the walls and rainbow colored Nudibranchs slugging along the reefs. During the winter month you can also often hear the majestic singing of the migrating Humpback Whales.

Diving at Manza
Manzamo diving

Dive sites in Onna Village

We already mentioned 2 dive sites at Manza, The Dream Hole and the Toilet Bowl- both are excellent dive sites, but there are plenty more to look for. The Mini Dream Hole is like the little brother of the Dream Hole, with a shorter chimney inside the reef and much more favorable depth of 18m for the not so experienced divers. The Overhang Rock is another favorite dive site for us and for the macro enthusiasts with a plethora of massive coral fans and different kind of Pygmy Seahorses. Some of the easier dive sites around Manzamo are the Cross Line and Nakayukui. Both of these dive sites are a mix of sandy bottom and reef hills, giving the divers many different experience to choose from. While some divers prefers to stay on the top of the reefs at around 6m deep water to look for the sleeping turtles, some would rather look for the tiny creatures in the sand. Both dive sites have their unique touch for every kind of scuba divers who are visiting Okinawa.

Padi Advanced Diver Course

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We also have good news for all who are planning to do the Padi Advanced Diver Course  course in Okinawa, Manza is one of our chosen spot for you for the course.

The most affordable price

let's start your journey!

Location: Manzamo

Prerequisites:  OWD with good experience or AOWD level

Number of dives: 2 or 3

Price: 14.000 or 18.000 JPY  

Rental camera available on request and you can keep the memory card 😀

Coral at the Dream Hole in Manzamo
Frogfish at Manzamo

The most favorite places


The starting time is at 08:00 at Seragaki Port in Onna Village.

What to bring

Do you have sea sickness? Then an over the counter medication from the local drugstore called Drugstore Mori is highly recommended. No one wants to feed the fish on their dive in the ocean.

Other than that, your average beach going toolkit will be perfect. Water, towel, sun cream and swimwear.

Price: 2 dives 14.000jpy  3 dives 18.000jpy

Number of dives: 2-4

Entry: boat

Prerequisite: minimum OWD with plenty of experience

Duration: 4-7 hours

Gopro rental is available on request.