Nitrox Course Okinawa

Padi Enriched Air- Nitrox Course in Okinawa

Nitrox Course Okinawa
Sunabe Seawall Nitrox Course
Sunabe Seawall Nitrox Course
Training at Sunabe Seawall

What is Nitrox and why it`s beneficial for scuba divers

Imagine diving, but with a little extra oomph – that’s what the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course in Okinawa brings to the table. Nitrox is basically enriched air, which means there’s more oxygen and less nitrogen in your tank compared to regular air which has 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and 1% other stuff.

Now, why is this a game-changer? Well, less nitrogen means you can extend your bottom time without pushing the no-decompression limits. Translation: more time underwater without feeling like a ticking time bomb.

Think of it like this – with Nitrox, you’re giving your body a vacation from nitrogen overload, making your surface intervals shorter and your dives longer. Plus, you’ll feel less fatigued after your dive – no more post-dive sluggishness.

Sure, it’s not a magic potion for all dive-related challenges, but it’s like upgrading your diving experience from economy to first class. The PADI Nitrox course is basically your ticket to a more relaxed, longer, and safer dive. Who wouldn’t want that?

Nitrox tank

How to earn your Nitrox certification?

  1. Prerequisites:

    • To enroll in the PADI Enriched Air Diver course, you need to be at least 12 years old.
    • You should already be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver or have an equivalent certification from another training organization.
  2. Self-Study:

    • You’ll need to study the Enriched Air Diver manual, which covers the basics of diving with enriched air, managing oxygen exposure, and using enriched air for scuba diving.
  3. Classroom Session:

    • Attend a classroom session with your instructor. During this session, you’ll review the information from the manual, discuss dive planning with enriched air, and learn about the advantages and potential risks associated with using nitrox.
  4. Equipment Familiarization:

    • Equipment considerations specific to diving with enriched air, testing method.
  5. Final Exam:

    • Complete a final exam to demonstrate your understanding of the key concepts covered in the course.
  6. Practical Application:

    • We don`t just teach but show, because we believe that practice makes perfect. You will take two open water dives with enriched air,  under the supervision of your instructor.
  7. Certification:

    • Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you’ll be issued the PADI Enriched Air Diver certification. This certification allows you to dive with nitrox up to the limits of your training.

Remember that safety is a top priority in scuba diving, and proper training is crucial. Always follow the guidelines provided by your instructor and adhere to safe diving practices.

In Summary

  • Course takes 1 day to complete
  • Will do two open water dives 
  • Cost is 35.000jpy or 25.000jpy together with Advanced Course
  • Prerequisite is Open Water Diver level
Nitrox Diver