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Blue Cave / Maeda Point Diving Okinawa

Diving Okinawa

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Blue Cave/Maeda Point Diving Okinawa

Maeda Point in Okinawa, Japan is the first search result, when  looking for diving Okinawa. And the reason for that is simple: it is a magnificent view, easy access by boat, suitable for beginners, but experienced divers can find their treasures as well.

You can often see school of fish hanging around the reef, octopuses hiding in the cracks  and turtles swimming around the deeper parts. 

Of course for many, the Blue Cave is the main attraction with it’s mesmerizing colours. The cave itself is open on the top, making it safe even for Padi Discover Scuba diving as you will always have access to the surface.

During our fun dives, we will visit the cave and the deeper outer reefs, together with a few crevasses along the cliff, giving you a good all around view of the dive site, before returning  to the boat.

After a short break on the shore, we will return for our second dive either to the Blue Cave, or to Yamada Point, which is a mix of natural reefs and artificial coral farm, where marine biologist are trying to grow and protect many different types of corals together with Giant Clams.

Blue Cave surface
Diving Okinawa

Dive locations

As we would like to provide you with the best possible experience, we only offer 2 dives within Maeda Point area and both will be boat dives.

Open Water Diver Course

Due to its perfect conditions, our Padi Discover Scuba diving and Padi Open Water Diver Course also takes place here as well, together with some of our other courses.

The most affordable price

let's start your journey!

Location: Maeda Point/ Blue Cave

Prerequisites: None or OWD

Number of dives: 2

Price: 15.000 JPY

Rental camera available on request and you can keep the memory card 😀

First time diving in Okinawa
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The most favorite places


Because we know the time is important for you, we tailor our schedule to your needs. Early birds can go diving as early as 07:30, finishing by 12:00 or if you would rather enjoy a long sleep, then we can meet as late 13:30 and finishing by 17:00 with the 2 dives. 

What to bring

Do you have sea sickness? Then an over the counter medication from the local drugstore called Drugstore Mori is highly recommended. No one wants to feed the fish on their first time in the ocean.

Other than that, your average beach going toolkit will be perfect. Water, towel, sun cream and swimwear.

Price: 15.000jpy

Number of dives: 2

Entry: boat

Prerequisite: OWD

Duration: 5 hours

Gopro rental is available on request.