Diving northern okinawa

Minna Jima, The croissant island

Minna Jima, The croissant island

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Minna Jima, The croissant island

Spectacular! This word expresses perfectly our feeling about this tiny island, just off the West coast of Okinawa. The island is surrounded by white beaches and crystal clear blue waters, making your pictures look like a postcard and its so small you can easily walk around its coastline as it’s only 4 km long. But even the island itself is not much bigger than an average shopping mall with parking space, there are many things to do. 

During the summer months, restaurants are offering light Okinawan meals and Jetskis waiting for you to be dragged behind on an inflatable wing. On the white sandy beach, they set up sun loungers with umbrellas for the visitors and a lifeguard is looking after you while swimming in the warm waters.

 If you would like to visit the island for other than diving or snorkeling with us, you can take the ferry from Toguchi Port in Motobu, which only takes about 15 minutes to get you there. 

Due to the size of the island, if you are planning to stay overnight, please make sure to contact the very few guesthouses in advance!

Stunning corals and clear ocean
Minna Jima, The croissant island

Diving at Minna Island

Did we said spectacular before? The flora and fauna can be separated to shallow and deep parts, where the shallow (5m) healthy reef ring surrounding the island is probably one of the best in Okinawa with table corals the size of a ping pong table, school of fish slowly cruising around and Mantis Shrimps sharing their hideaways with octopus and eels.

In deeper waters, around 15-20m, you can find smaller reefs growing out from the white sandy bottom like an individual metropolis, each with its own residents like Dory (Pacific Blue Tang) Moray Eels and school of Big Eye Snappers. 

Minna Island's garden Eels

Between these little underwater islands, you can find Garden Eel colonies catching their daily plankton from the moving blue waters. Check out this video to see how cute they are: Minna Island’s garden Eels

We also offer Minna Island for our Padi Discover Scuba Diving program and for our Padi Open Water Diver Course and Padi Advanced Diver Course. Please contact us for more details.

The most affordable price

let's start your journey!

Location: Minna Island

Prerequisites: OWD

Number of dives: 2-4

Price: 14.000-23.000JPY

Rental camera available on request and you can keep the memory card 😀

Minna Island

The most favorite places


We meet at Toguchi Port at 08:00 and after setting up the gear and filling out paperwork, we will leave at around 08:30. If you are planning to do 2 dives only, then depending on the conditions, we will visit the island for a short break between dives. When doing 3 or more dives, we will have our lunch break on the beach at one of the local restaurants.

Our expected return to the port is at 12:00 for 2 dives.

What to bring

Do you have sea sickness? Then an over the counter medication from the local drugstore called Drugstore Mori is highly recommended. No one wants to feed the fish on their dive in the ocean.

Other than that, your average beach going toolkit will be perfect. Water, towel, sun cream and swimwear.

Price: 2 boat dives 14.000jpy

           3 boat dives 18.000jpy

           4 boat dives 23.000jpy

Number of dives: 2-4

Entry: boat

Prerequisite: OWD

Duration: 4-9 hours

Gopro rental is available on request