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Since using a taxi for such a long distance(1 hour) can be expensive, we are happy to provide airport pick up from Naha Airport, up to 5 people.

The airport pick up would cost:

1 person: 7000jpy

2 person: 10.000jpy

+2000jpy for every additional person.


From Naha Airport, you can choose the fast limousine bus services, which provides connections to every mayor hotels around Okinawa, or can take the cheaper, but a bit slower, local bus, the number 120.

For more information on Okinawa bus services and timetables, please visit their english website : Okinawa bus services

The cost of diving in Okinawa depends on the location, the number of dives and whether you would like to rent gear or not. Please refer to our Diving prices in Okinawa

Packing your living room into bags and drag it to a dive site in the middle of summer is very, very uncomfortable. Bring only essentials, such as certification card, suncream, towel, sunglass, water and swimwear. If you are planning a little souvenire shopping in Okinawa during the day, it’s best to schedule it for after the dives.

You can go diving even if you wear glasses and things are looking bigger and closer in the water, but we recommend to use contact lens, if you have serious problem to see without a glass. You can buy contact lenses in Okinawa at any drugstores called Drugstore Mori.